Artistic statement

Michel Monett peintre


My first years of life were influenced by a very sensitive relationship to the world and by a profound interiority. My perceptions were already felt in terms of shapes and colours that I was quick to describe using the simplest material: pencils and paper. How much I would have loved that my entire life be made of sensory perceptions and pure creation while I already managed in creating a world shaped in the image of my childhood, pure, light and full of promises.

My work as an artist-painter draws its origins in the exploration of drawing, within a group of artists, in the form of sketches and in the studies of human forms. This exploratory step led me to paint the various characters of the elements of a fascinating nature, the boreal forest. In nature, water sources colliding against the rocks as well as the light effects on different materials, illustrates the winding and nuanced path of these forces in opposition. My desire to grasp its mystery confronts me to a constant state of stylistic research in order to render its contours and its power.

Following many years of observing the wilderness and of the laws that govern it, I realized that this internalized understanding would serve me as a guide to define my own vision of art, without any interference other than those of my creativity and my feelings. Consequently, I now realize the feeling of giving birth to something greater than me when painting this contrasting landscape which oscillates between splendor and devastation.

In short, recreation is my primary concern and it is this pulsion that gives meaning to my artistic quest.  This process, undertaken as a child, characterizes all my life’s undertaking. This journey continues to this day. Ultimately, my paintings have become, over the course of my exploratory quest, the illustration of my being in the making.

Realized from such a perspective, each painting constitutes a moment of self-fulfillment. The illustration of a constant interior struggle that seeks to established a series of ruptures in a spiral perceptual ascent. As such, I am fundamentally seeking to recreate, to reinvent my vision in the creation of each of my paintings as so many chapters of life.

My paintings seek to bear witness to the current human quest which, confronted with its own survival, must find a new balance between modernity and its profound nature.